X plasty (小鼻縮小) 、鼻尖縮小 術後8年
今日は1893年 にハワイ王国でアメリカ人が支援するクーデターが起こり、女王リリウオカラニが退位。カメハメハ王朝が倒れた日となります。

On January 17th 1893, a coup d'etat was assisted by the United States was staged in the Hawaiian Kingdom.
As a result, the the last queen was abdicated from the throne.

This signified the dynasty of Kamaka eha was overthrown on this day.

ハワイ王国といえば諸外国としては初めて日本に対し不平等条約撤廃してくれた 国として日本人には親近感がわきます。

Speaking of the Hawaiian Kingdom, we Japanese can relate to them. They were  the first to abolish the unequal treaties set toward Japan.

このクーデターが起きた時、日本は邦人保護を理由に、東郷平八郎艦長たる戦艦 「浪速」および「金剛」をホノルルに派遣し、クーデター側の臨時政府の威嚇をしました。

When the coup d'etat occurred, Japan dispatched 2 battle ships "Naniwa" and "Kongo" lead by Captain Togo Heihachiro. Togo intimidated the junta to protect Japanese immigrants in Hawaii.

カラカウア王の要請した日本からの移民は、1885(明治18)年から始まり、この 年までに約2万5千人に上っていた。その日本人移民の「生命と財産を守るため 」というのが、表向きの理由だったが、女王側からの緊急要請があったとも言わ れています。

The immigration of Japanese nationals to Hawaii started per request from King Kalakaua I, in 1885.  By 1893, the number of Japanese immigrants had rose to about 25 thousand. The Empire of Japan officially dispatched the battle ships to save the lives and properties of the Japanese immigrants.
It is otherwise stated that Liliuokalani made this emergency dispatch request.

Upon arrival to the port of Hawaii, it is said that Naniwa did not greet the provisional government.


Naniwa once returned to Japan after staying in Hawaii for 3 months. One year later, it appeared in Hawaii again.
There is a well-known story that, although the junta of Hawaii requested the 21-gun salute to honer the 1st anniversary of its establishment at the time, Captain Togo declined the greeting claiming the purpose was not acceptable.

その東郷平八郎が日露戦争における日本海海戦時にのっていたのが旗艦「三笠」 ですが、大東亜戦争敗戦後連合国に接収されめぼしいものが取り除かれた後に米 軍相手のキャバレーとなり東郷長官室はキャバレー・トーゴーとなったのは悲しい荒廃した日本の戦後史の一面です。

Captain Togo boarded the flagship "Mikasa" and conducted the Japan Empire Naval fleet in the Battle of Tsushima (also known as "Sea of Japan Naval Battle") during the Russo-Japan War.
After Japan surrendered, "Mikasa" was confiscated by the allied nations and was striped for anything valuable.
Eventually, "Mikasa" was converted into a cabaret for American soldiers and was named "Cabaret Togo".
This is a miserable page in Japanese history.

本日ご紹介の患者さんはX plasty (小鼻縮小) 、鼻尖縮小 術後8年になる患者さんです。







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