今日は天皇誕生日です。1948年に故意に連合軍が現天皇(当時の皇太子明仁)の誕生日に処刑執行日を合わせて 極東国際軍事裁判で死刑判決を受けたA級戦犯7名が絞首刑執行された日になります。

Today is the Emperor's Birthday. (December 23rd) In 1948, the Allied Army who then occupied Japan, intentionally executed 7 Japanese class-A war criminals knowing it was the Crown Prince's birthday. These criminals were adjourned guilty and sentenced capital punishment by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East (Tokyo Trials).


I personally think domestic criticism to Japan's defeat in World War II is inevitable. However, those who were subject to capital punishment must have been terribly mortified.

The International Military Tribunal for the Far East was established by allied nations (and only the allied nations).Those considered as Japanese war criminals were later prosecuted, and the judgements were executed based on new laws established by these allied nations. I would like to express my deepest condolences to those executed based ont he results of privately conducted trials.


I truly hope farcical examples seen in the Tokyo Trials never occur again in future international societies.

本日ご紹介の患者さんは肌のニキビ痕のへこみに対して TCA CROSS(TCA クロス)をお受けになられた患者さんです。  TCA CROSSはTrichlororacetic Acid Chemical Reconstruction Of Skin Scars の頭文字の略であ りトリクロロ酢酸をもちいた瘢痕皮膚の化学的再構築法になります。

左:処置前です        中:処置直後です     右:処置後約5日です


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